Friday, August 21, 2009

What Is Usenet?

If you have a good newsgroup idea,
ignore it at your peril. It is
not a democracy, however foolish
to jump into. Try to force
your will on people.
Property rights
being what they are,
who can tune you out
with the press of a key?

Then read the "news.groups"
newsgroup, for a while at least.
It is embarrassing to speak
and it is futile to try,
as was observed above.

If you are unhappy,
there is no higher authority
to find out how things work.
If you're too impatient to wait,
there is exactly one feature
- its decisions are almost always
carried out. The current guidelines
require any coercion.

Or you might find external pressure
of your own from somewhere else.
With a minimal investment, they might
do something - if they feel like it, that is.
By the same token, if you don't like
a society you don't understand,
consider the process a sham
and a fraud, since there is no power.

Chalk one up to experience.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"RE: The official"

Should we not start from what we do know then?
But the question on everyone's heads is: when
Besides; the world is coming to an end
a project for the banker dude, turn it in

let's start with what we do know, and work from there.
paint a bright and cheery smile upon your cranium
he's going to just keep his mouth shut on this one
and passionately make love to everyone

Although I was referring to Jerome’s dome
- And Bravo, he is not a she, but how do you know?
your choice of vile words, so I feel that I shall
Perseverance is the key to triumph now

you, we, he and I all know damn well:
I need an aspirin and a shotgun shell….