Friday, May 22, 2009

~ Project ~

I have been

busy with this painting
felt sick all day,
since Friday of last week.
I am giving this one away

to a special art friend,
as an art trade. She sent
me her painting and I will try
to complete by the end

here on my art site
I have been exploring the use
with different Neutral colors
like a sweet and sour grape
of Juxtapose

Hopefully it will be in the mail
this week. And with my signature, stretched,
primed, sketched,
stapled, painted, and sealed
with premium French
to Canada soon.

So this painting
is still in process obviously,
today was a bad day for me.

But life is

spare minutes, that might be used

keen readers
will ruefully acknowledge that
time tends to eat
novels, poetry, newspapers, etc.

...even as they erode
the spare minutes
to read,
words always stick in my mind

I've come to think of
all of this wonderful stuff
Unforgettable literary heroines
novels that I read at an impressionable age
too preoccupied, too satiated,
ignored both phone and doorbell

I was gorging myself on the un-put-downable
I've been feasting on novels
from Monday afternoon (when I bought the book
until I had completely consumed
time that would otherwise be devoted to
the world outside


the world outside of my book,
acquainting us with hitherto-unknown
experience described by theorists
just like my childish avid reader self,
would cease to exist

and I would be in the
words and worlds
the person that I am
the story.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last school paper

I have one paper left
It is due in precisely
23 hours and 13 minutes.
and four finals left
before I am DONE

last spring,
featuring blue skies
and gentle breezes
all the tiny things
you left behind.

Ah me, another rainy
I'm so very close,
but all I want
so I gave in

and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.

It was lovely.
The cloudy day
and mood music
Only the peaceful songs
(also only
the melancholy songs).

When I want peace,
this is what appears...
something more upbeat,
to simply pound

about those vague memories
three afternoons of work
two physics homework assignments,
I'm not sure why this is my
favorite music, but it really is.

Ah me, another rainy
I'm so very close,
but all I want
so I gave in

and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.

that come into my mind
I vaguely remember
one paper left
two Philosophy classes
and two Physics Classes

and cool enough to be
is sleep this afternoon
it came with the room;
for an hour or so.
I had nothing to do with it--honest!
don't help my lethargy

I love the stories
even if I don't turn on
I find myself humming
Today it was Tchaikovky's
one of Yo-yo Ma's
Though if you were to ask me,

classical music is not
for the life of me
and honestly that goes for pop
their voices or music
are quite distinct

Ah me, another rainy
I'm so very close,
but all I want
so I gave in

and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.
and let the music have its way.

here I am rambling
when I ought to be writing
I care about American policy
I can hardly express how little

Since the energy crisis in '73
the supplier is only as stable as
human rights we have ignored
and threats to national security

my favorite--but with this music--
and information about their songs
it seems like you're just talking
about a friend like Bing Crosby,
for example, or the Beach Boys

if only I could make that into
politicalese and stick it
in a memo.

Humm, it's stopped raining. Isn't
life ironic? Anyhow, I most definitely need
to write that paper now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

We will no longer

and he has strong opinions,
no more pet names,
movie nights,

and he will never lie to you.
runs to coffee bean
saying goodnight,

And he loves art,
joke about swan flu, or do
goodbye in the morning,

he is free spirited,
and I did the dishes
and he did the cooking.

He is a good, trustworthy,
it just stops me in my tracks
The idea seems so strange

And I'm devastated
like my heart isn't broken,
he and I were one month shy

to say the least,
considerate and loving.
We had a pretty good routine

It was not what I expect
because I respected him.
all of his stuff out supposedly

if I will survive this
I'm not going to pretend
I will be just fine

I have to respect his wishes,
And after that I will
guess in some aspects

no relationship is free
to handle this gracefully
to deal with the pain

I got dumped yesterday.
I am not sure I know how
Good people hurt each other.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it's easy to hit me

secrets make you sick. I think
it's easy to see the cracks
The lack of confidence, the way one eye
glaring, all of it comes into focus
there is no such thing as privacy

I wonder how
to reveal yourself in the process.
there's always someone we're going to
imagine it would be hard not to

I was hit by two things; one,
I go through stages of love
on first acquaintance. Then,
I adore those flaws the way I did
what the big deal was.

Unless it was you

with your insights on the people
and write the absolute brutal truth
in the way of the simple or very naive.
I like or dislike you or a combo of
my first and last name by now.

on the outside, I stay pretty wrapped up, so
I love you once I like you, I can
overlook both the good and bad
Nine times out of ten, I am fascinated by
all the good and little of the bad

to write the whole truth when no one knows
I've handed that over
do it. It's easy

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Declaration of Patriotism

of armed troops among us:
the most wholesome and necessary
of immediate and pressing importance,
We must, therefore, acquiesce

and our sacred Honor,
the opinions of mankind,
destructive of these ends:
our Lives, our Fortunes,

the Laws of Nature and of
Governments are instituted among
a long train of abuses and
Systems of Government.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate
an absolute Tyranny over these
the rights of the people. Such
has been the patient sufferance
for light and transient causes;

for opposing with manly firmness
Petitions have been answered
that they should declare the causes
to be self-evident, that all men
are sufferable than to right themselves

To prove this, let Facts be submitted
For quartering large bodies
of their Public Records, for the sole
political bands which have connected
places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant

it is the Right of the People
refused for a long time,
after such dissolutions,
for the public good,

to tyrants only.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Collage Poetry is Bullshit

my theft by thinking of it
is a theoretical contrivance
Your computer’s cut-and-paste function
can’t think of a very good line

so I’m going to steal somebody else
Then I’m going to lionize
I’m going to recycle somebody else
whatever 'discourse' and benight it

that collage technique
is the signature
How many times have we heard
The whole “culture of belatedness” routine

Let me translate: "so I’m going to steal
somebody else’s shit."
method of post-modernity? "I , as post-modern.
under my Barthesian halo."

All of the noise
is a load of apocalyptic
Fundamentalist stormtroopers prophesying
“death of literature”

only instead of being evangelical:
camel dung. the end of the world, French post-whogivesafuck.
That’s fine, if it really produces a new method.
ain't it.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

people don’t like poetry

people don’t like poetry
They get turned off by how
A lot of no one, not even the poets,
desperately poets
try to be profound,
expressing “big ideas”

these people simply need
plain language and attempts
at insight. Perhaps, though,
to be introduced to Ron Padgett,
makes you think about how good life
can be. of his counterparts’
simple ideas speak to reality,
fails to reach the height of beautiful, direct honesty
which is reason enough to take comfort in its pages.

Padgett offers only the simplest tips
that really understand. in a deeper way than most
such as eating oranges or brushing your teeth.
Padgett has always articulated something.
other poets have not

While Padgett’s latest collection,
on improving life,
is expressed when you find
that it is far more defective than you imagined.

he doesn’t take himself too seriously
in a way that assures the reader that
there is a new kind of cynicism

philosophy could be summed
up into a single piece of guidance
of sitting alone in a restaurant
desperately sad from time to time.

In the title poem, Despite this,
the intensity of pleasure and sorrow
in the middle of a pointless war,
its tragic loneliness and
disappointments. Even Padgett, apparently,
feels out of line with Padgett’s other works

the longest poem in the collection
discusses just that.
poetry as a means of exclaiming
still living, one of the only New
York School poets in the everyday life.
name your own history
for the smallest reasons
of being alive in his latest collection.

if we didn’t exist,
the emptiness of the universe,
we wouldn’t express the exhaustion
a kiss or similes, be able to think about
the moon,
Huge and Incredible Injustice
that progress exists,
as always, but also

when you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep
the frustrated result of living in a country
that appears in “How to Be Perfect”
can make you laugh out loud

express an unfamiliar pessimism.
Absolutely in the World, still —
existing is the better choice,
all the more powerful and terrifying.
Perhaps they are but lines like “Don’t think ”

Ultimately, though, Padgett still reminds us
Padgett, starts to seem like the better choice
to any Padgett reader
to know that they’re not the only ones

one of very few poets whose work
usually uses his his love of life, lines like
“don’t be so serious.”
- or bring to mind those things you think about,
worrying about these sorts of things.
He communicates the joys of life,
Is it a blind spot particular to me?

No, it’s not, and it’s comforting

Friday, May 1, 2009

Running In Heels

this might be my
means to go out and do
I'm somehow going to
yet another chapter
in one place, with two small boxes
I just signed up
for a marathon
that I'm probably not
ready to be training for
Which is why I'm running.
enough to start the real training
to truly understand
and I didn't. Today

it's completely hit me
I won't be returning
seeing the same
feeling the same
I don't think that
on Monday morning,
people, frustrations.
I walked away

it's going to take
me a while when I started
the last day
the feeling
the job
at the agency.
after three years
I was only - I thought
I knew everything
what it all meant to me.

It's funny that
I've grown. Or,
I hope that I have.
a bit of an epiphany
this week I had

I'd like to think that
at the very least,
In the past year, I've lost
the love of my life,
I've left the first job

I suppose some people go
crazy, like buy a yacht
or a Porsche
and I think
I embarked on this entirely new
quarter-life crises (granted,
a year late - procrastinator)
I don't think
I know really who I am.

in the past three years,
I ever had
and have
single life.
this crazy idea that if I train
for this marathon
- find myself in the process,
somewhere out there
on those long Sunday runs

I have exactly
6 weeks to get my ass
into shape
the real me is just waiting
to be found.

But I think I have to try
to look for her.