Monday, December 7, 2009

now I have to get through

I'm back at work after
being generally disgusting
now I have to get through
and I'm miserable about it

I'm fighting a cold
I woke up with a stomach
and Lord knows what else
lost two hours of much needed
something up off the floor
then we forgot to look at it

the aforementioned sickness
had a major cough/sneeze
like dealing with The Awful One
standing up, sitting down,
and now I have to get through

now the process
and Lord knows what else
a searing pain
ripped through my back
I'm coughing and sneezing
like I'm 63 years old
Pulled a muscle or something
in the ass and completely

I don't want to be here
and just dwell in that place
walking, laying down cause me
to take another look


I want to be
tired and cranky and stuffy and
nice and pretty and clean and
at home

Just don't read this

... I'm complaining.


willow said...

I hope it's not catching...gonna go wash my hands!

Hope you're better soon. :^)

dogimo said...

I'm feeling well! Thank you.

Wow willow, you have a superabundance of avatar pics! Awesome.