Saturday, September 5, 2009

About Me

I watch a lot of movies. I like a lot of movies.
I'm a blissfully married, work-at-home
model because that comes with the territory
and it helps keep everyone happy.
I have a broad sense of style when it comes to
clear my head of all those crazy thoughts
I hope you enjoy reading this
I don't fuck around, meaning-
i am learning to live

who loves fashion?
and likes to share?
who hates New Jersey summers?
I only surround myself with positive
I love, and also dance, harder than most
I'm a writer by birth, I am very friendly
and willing to do what it takes
but I'd prefer to write children's stories.

i won't have a tattoo by the time
I lead a brand culture group
Aside from the practical, studious, adult
brillant minds I come across everyday
I can be so goofy and nerdy
i have a bet with my little brother
that's why I get the things I want in life.

Me gusta la literatura, me llena y me
body, my words and my art. I am
a freelance
hot little advertising agency
in my apple scented corner of the house

find a bit of inspiration yourself
use it as retail therapy

Nice to meet you


Bee said...

This one really makes sense. Most of it sounded like it could be about ME . . . although I have no opinion on New Jersey summers.

dogimo said...

Actually, I love New Jersey summers!

But I'm very rigorous when it comes to my collage poems. I will use only what's there and not fake extra words and sentiments in!