Wednesday, September 23, 2009

surprised at how versatile

Every once in a while
reinventing my style
I start
very conflicted
at how versatile

I start
start reinventing
I'm always surprised
so many different kinds of looks with what
I like and not try

and not try to emulate
My style has been all over the place
I didn't plan it that way
I often pick clothes that make

all the things I'm about
a simple girl with daily
different sides to myself
with a big dose of cute
mall goth phase in middle school
daily jeans, japanese
no longer putting boundaries

in fact kind of the opposite
it's going to be a process but
I want to rock a Gothic


willow said...

Hey, I really like your poetry. And I'm still giggling over Dracula and Yoda meeting at the speech pathologist's!

Thanks for stopping by the manor.

dogimo said...

Thank you willow!

I think that idea has some potential, but I don't know if I'm the one to realize it. I get very self-conscious doing "phonetic" misspellings!

Adelaide said...

I'm glad you write rhyming poems. They seem to be unfashionable among the serious, snobby poet types nowadays, but I've always loved them.

dogimo said...

Thanks, Adelaide! Did you see my main (non-collage-poetry) poem blog? There's been a lot of rhyme on there lately!

I love rhyme - I also like free verse sometimes, depending on the words and what I need to say sometimes the non-rhyme approach hits the spot.

Even in rhymed verse, though, I always choose the right word over the perfect rhyme.

Mermaid said...

Hahaha I just realized that you posted this here.

Yayy my post about fashion became poetry.

dogimo said...


Glad you like it Kim! Also, if you click the title it clicks through to the original post.

Most people seem to like getting one of these. Only one time somebody had a kind of an ambivalent reaction. So I took that one down. I'm not into making people uncomfortable by any means!

I'll probably do more of these collage ones next year. Right now I've got to focus on hitting my 365 for the year goal on my original poem blog!

dogimo said...

Lately when I read this one it just can't help but turn itself into a hard core RAP JAM.

It works!