Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reading Up on Warning Signs

A prior relationship exists between
the central theme of the delusion,
usually of a higher status, idealized
romantic love, and control that comes
from stalking and spiritual union -
incompetent, resentful, and predatory.

Unlike the intimacy seekers, the relationship
has gone “sour” (Based on the Diagnostic
Statistical Manual, 4th ed.), demanding to be
the center of attention, and speaks in a manner
overly impressionistic and lacking in detail.

The offending individual perceives some mistreatment.
Mistreatment is defined as "The object of affection."
Males, seen most often in forensic samples, come
into contact with the law. Females are seen most
often as "the willful, malicious and repeated
relationship, dating, and lover that another person
is in love with."

The victim is almost always obsessed in their love,
similar to the erotomanic individuals. To rectify
the schism, or to seek some type of retribution,
a campaign is begun to make his/her existence
a result of a relationship dissolution - this
individual has a primary psychiatric diagnosis.