Wednesday, June 10, 2009

then imperfection

instead of asking the lady out
I'll admit I don't know what the hell
Our thoughts (mind) are impossible
without the body - my body has learned how

my brain always wants to take a bus
To do this, you have to act. When
my body has learned how to filter
the substance, by thinking of this woman,
I am in fact wildly optimistic, ungrounded
the reason why alcohol has learned how to
believe we all have spirits, and our bodies
Puking out my soul to ask her out somehow

yeah, my soul wants to go to the beach.
Who wants to go on a date, anyway? I've
hardly ever speak to her and this leads me
to witness the event and think of things to say
To which I reply: This is the reason why
my heart wants to shrivel up and die,
our minds are a product of these laws
and so are logical, mathematical, and rational
our bodies are tools for their experience
since my image of the spirit is based on the physical
It's the guys job to ask her out somehow
we all have spirits, and our bodies are tools

I think about a certain someone often
I think of slitting my throat. Above
all love. All there is is love - by
thinking of this woman, I am in fact
telling myself that the woman I'm actually
thinking of is trapped and has to witness
the event? Does my inability to act
interfere with you? Which leads me to believe,
imperfection, then


Anna said...

Quit thinking about it so damn much and ask her out.

That's all the damn poetry you're getting out of me.

dogimo said...

Heck no it isn't! I'm getting poetry out of you all the time, you're a very reliable supplier!

Hm. But it's possible I have a hypersensitivity to poetry, even to the point of perceiving it where there isn't any.

Anna said...

Interesting. I just have one question: Do you know how to change the oil on your car yourself? If you can do that and write lovely poetry, I'd like to speak with your wife.

dogimo said...

Changing the oil on my car is one of the few things I can do! I haven't done it myself the past few times, but it's very fun really. I like to put the pan in place, unscrew the top cap on the engine, unscrew the little dealy underneath, let it all drain out - it's kind of zen. Then once its all drained, wrestle with that big knobby filter!

A lot of unscrewing.

I'm actually unmarried - I'm not sure if I've conveyed an opposite impression from any other posts? A lot of my blog posts are sort of fictional/in character pieces.

The poems on this blog particular are also all in "voices of others".

dogimo said...

HEY! Wait a minute!
>and write lovely poetry,


I'm interpreting that as a compliment! Thank you so much!

Anna said...


Anna said...

Oh and yes, it was a compliment.

I apologize for the personal statement about your marital status. Enjoy singleton, believe you and me.

dogimo said...

Oh definitely. Well, I don't know that I enjoy singletonia per se, but "enjoy life" definitely! However much I can get of it, however it comes.

No need to apologize for the personal statement - if anything, that too would tend towards the complimentary!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this poem Dogimo. I suppose we never really think about what you guys go through just to ask us girls out....The fear of rejection must be overwhelming at times.

I hope you managed to find the confidence to ask her, and i hoped she said yes :)

dogimo said...

It is true that it can be hell of hard. I remember many imagined sallies in my schooldays and after, that never even became attempts. All before I finally figured something out that I'm not sure I still know.