Wednesday, September 23, 2009

surprised at how versatile

Every once in a while
reinventing my style
I start
very conflicted
at how versatile

I start
start reinventing
I'm always surprised
so many different kinds of looks with what
I like and not try

and not try to emulate
My style has been all over the place
I didn't plan it that way
I often pick clothes that make

all the things I'm about
a simple girl with daily
different sides to myself
with a big dose of cute
mall goth phase in middle school
daily jeans, japanese
no longer putting boundaries

in fact kind of the opposite
it's going to be a process but
I want to rock a Gothic

Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 Things I Learned

It’s a simple truth by screwing up.
There are few mistakes
Don’t shy away from
your biggest screw up ever

To be human is on some level a quest
And no, this doesn’t mean guys who like beer,
can help answer this question for you
write deep soul searching material
this doesn’t mean you have to

Call into question some “truth”
make some people angry,
please all the people all the time
or go out on a limb sometimes
instant electricity

I mean it. Really. Don’t be afraid
to teach people something
keep them coming back for more
with a school lesson!
Life is
A well placed joke

and Experience
is the name

Saturday, September 5, 2009

About Me

I watch a lot of movies. I like a lot of movies.
I'm a blissfully married, work-at-home
model because that comes with the territory
and it helps keep everyone happy.
I have a broad sense of style when it comes to
clear my head of all those crazy thoughts
I hope you enjoy reading this
I don't fuck around, meaning-
i am learning to live

who loves fashion?
and likes to share?
who hates New Jersey summers?
I only surround myself with positive
I love, and also dance, harder than most
I'm a writer by birth, I am very friendly
and willing to do what it takes
but I'd prefer to write children's stories.

i won't have a tattoo by the time
I lead a brand culture group
Aside from the practical, studious, adult
brillant minds I come across everyday
I can be so goofy and nerdy
i have a bet with my little brother
that's why I get the things I want in life.

Me gusta la literatura, me llena y me
body, my words and my art. I am
a freelance
hot little advertising agency
in my apple scented corner of the house

find a bit of inspiration yourself
use it as retail therapy

Nice to meet you