Sunday, May 3, 2009

Collage Poetry is Bullshit

my theft by thinking of it
is a theoretical contrivance
Your computer’s cut-and-paste function
can’t think of a very good line

so I’m going to steal somebody else
Then I’m going to lionize
I’m going to recycle somebody else
whatever 'discourse' and benight it

that collage technique
is the signature
How many times have we heard
The whole “culture of belatedness” routine

Let me translate: "so I’m going to steal
somebody else’s shit."
method of post-modernity? "I , as post-modern.
under my Barthesian halo."

All of the noise
is a load of apocalyptic
Fundamentalist stormtroopers prophesying
“death of literature”

only instead of being evangelical:
camel dung. the end of the world, French post-whogivesafuck.
That’s fine, if it really produces a new method.
ain't it.