Friday, May 22, 2009

spare minutes, that might be used

keen readers
will ruefully acknowledge that
time tends to eat
novels, poetry, newspapers, etc.

...even as they erode
the spare minutes
to read,
words always stick in my mind

I've come to think of
all of this wonderful stuff
Unforgettable literary heroines
novels that I read at an impressionable age
too preoccupied, too satiated,
ignored both phone and doorbell

I was gorging myself on the un-put-downable
I've been feasting on novels
from Monday afternoon (when I bought the book
until I had completely consumed
time that would otherwise be devoted to
the world outside


the world outside of my book,
acquainting us with hitherto-unknown
experience described by theorists
just like my childish avid reader self,
would cease to exist

and I would be in the
words and worlds
the person that I am
the story.


Bee said...

Are all of your poems full of borrowed words? An interesting approach . . . blogging graffiti, pastiche, or something else?

dogimo said...

Hello Bee! Thanks for leaving a comment! A number of folks have e-mailed me about a poem I left, some appreciative, some inquisitive. I offer "I'll take it down in you want!" No takers so far.

Hmm...blogging graffiti, pastiche, something else...OK, now I have to think about that! I think pastiche or collage is a good word to describe it. I hope graffiti, in the sense of vandalism, isn't how it comes across! :-D

But to answer your question: no, not all my poems are borrowed words - just the ones on this page! It was a technique I stumbled across quite by accident (though I can't claim to have invented it - apparently there is a whole "school").

Anyway, I did one of these pretty much by accident, and I liked the results very much, and I sprung it on the victim, who also liked it. So I determined to make more.

I created a separate page for them because of the unusual technique. I wanted to keep it separate from my regular poetry blog.