Friday, May 1, 2009

Running In Heels

this might be my
means to go out and do
I'm somehow going to
yet another chapter
in one place, with two small boxes
I just signed up
for a marathon
that I'm probably not
ready to be training for
Which is why I'm running.
enough to start the real training
to truly understand
and I didn't. Today

it's completely hit me
I won't be returning
seeing the same
feeling the same
I don't think that
on Monday morning,
people, frustrations.
I walked away

it's going to take
me a while when I started
the last day
the feeling
the job
at the agency.
after three years
I was only - I thought
I knew everything
what it all meant to me.

It's funny that
I've grown. Or,
I hope that I have.
a bit of an epiphany
this week I had

I'd like to think that
at the very least,
In the past year, I've lost
the love of my life,
I've left the first job

I suppose some people go
crazy, like buy a yacht
or a Porsche
and I think
I embarked on this entirely new
quarter-life crises (granted,
a year late - procrastinator)
I don't think
I know really who I am.

in the past three years,
I ever had
and have
single life.
this crazy idea that if I train
for this marathon
- find myself in the process,
somewhere out there
on those long Sunday runs

I have exactly
6 weeks to get my ass
into shape
the real me is just waiting
to be found.

But I think I have to try
to look for her.