Monday, May 18, 2009

We will no longer

and he has strong opinions,
no more pet names,
movie nights,

and he will never lie to you.
runs to coffee bean
saying goodnight,

And he loves art,
joke about swan flu, or do
goodbye in the morning,

he is free spirited,
and I did the dishes
and he did the cooking.

He is a good, trustworthy,
it just stops me in my tracks
The idea seems so strange

And I'm devastated
like my heart isn't broken,
he and I were one month shy

to say the least,
considerate and loving.
We had a pretty good routine

It was not what I expect
because I respected him.
all of his stuff out supposedly

if I will survive this
I'm not going to pretend
I will be just fine

I have to respect his wishes,
And after that I will
guess in some aspects

no relationship is free
to handle this gracefully
to deal with the pain

I got dumped yesterday.
I am not sure I know how
Good people hurt each other.