Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it's easy to hit me

secrets make you sick. I think
it's easy to see the cracks
The lack of confidence, the way one eye
glaring, all of it comes into focus
there is no such thing as privacy

I wonder how
to reveal yourself in the process.
there's always someone we're going to
imagine it would be hard not to

I was hit by two things; one,
I go through stages of love
on first acquaintance. Then,
I adore those flaws the way I did
what the big deal was.

Unless it was you

with your insights on the people
and write the absolute brutal truth
in the way of the simple or very naive.
I like or dislike you or a combo of
my first and last name by now.

on the outside, I stay pretty wrapped up, so
I love you once I like you, I can
overlook both the good and bad
Nine times out of ten, I am fascinated by
all the good and little of the bad

to write the whole truth when no one knows
I've handed that over
do it. It's easy


Rachel said...

The depth of your words is really striking. Do you write your own stuff?

dogimo said...

Yes I do: here is my poetry blog, which has some stuff I like a lot, albeit lately there seems to be a lot of whimsical crap.

The purpose of this page, I decided to group these poems together in their own place because it's a different technique (collage poetry) and it seemed to deserve a separate space to stretch out.