Friday, May 22, 2009

~ Project ~

I have been

busy with this painting
felt sick all day,
since Friday of last week.
I am giving this one away

to a special art friend,
as an art trade. She sent
me her painting and I will try
to complete by the end

here on my art site
I have been exploring the use
with different Neutral colors
like a sweet and sour grape
of Juxtapose

Hopefully it will be in the mail
this week. And with my signature, stretched,
primed, sketched,
stapled, painted, and sealed
with premium French
to Canada soon.

So this painting
is still in process obviously,
today was a bad day for me.

But life is


Anonymous said...


now you are motivated....LOL

I want to see you create something this weekend on your site.


dogimo said...


Well that might be a tall order, for visual arts stuff at least - I left my MS Paints at work!

But I'll think of something.

dogimo said...

Well, I have created a few poems over on my regular (non-collage) poetry blog - I hope those count!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, where do you find the time to write so much poetry!!!!

BTW - How come i always have problems visitng 'Consider your ass kicked'...The site either freezes on me or takes ages to load :(

dogimo said...

I'm not sure, I think the trick is, #1 write fast, and #2 don't edit!

Quantity over quality.

Thank you for the tip on 'Consider'! I just changed the settings: instead of displaying the 500 most recent posts on the front page, now it only displays the last 18 days.

It probably was no big when all I had was text, but I've been putting more pics and videos in lately so I hope that's it.

Could you let me know if it makes a difference?